Suzanne B. Danneskiold
Nonprofit Board

Suzanne graduated in October 2012 from the Danish School of Media and Journalism and has since worked as a freelance journalist.

In November 2015 Suzanne and STV A/S a Danish production company finalized the TV documentary on the Danish Naval Special Warfare Group. Suzanne initiated and facilitated the documentary and was part of the board of editors. The documentary was broadcasted by Danish National TV and was the most viewed documentary in 2015.

She initiated and facilitated the idea behind the DR Horisont program on Danish National TV about an Afghan Female Police Officer – Nigara, whom she met while working for the EU Police Mission in Afghanistan in 2009.

She has written articles to “Jæger”, a Danish shooting and hunting magazine, Politiken, Søndag, “Kongressen”, an internet-based news provider and Your Danish Life – an expat magazine. She is the co-writer of several books covering diverse topics as hunting, drug trafficking, terrorism, and how is to be the daughter of a resistance fighter.

Suzanne grew up in the countryside and has lived, studied and worked in England, Austria, the US, France and Afghanistan. She has a MA from The Paul H. Nitze School of Advanced International Studies at The Johns Hopkins University.

In the 90’s I ran for a seat in the Danish Parliament for the Conservative Party and in 1994 was elected as the Alternate for the Conservative Member of Parliament. Since then, she worked for Citibank and The Danish-American Business Forum each for 7 years. Suzanne has travelled extensively in Africa and the Middle East. She sits on several Danish boards.

In May 2014, she was sent by the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs to the Ukrainian Presidential Election as a short term OSCE Election Observer. In October-November 2017 in Georgia she was again a OSCE Election Observer for local elections in Georgia.