School in a box:

WRS experiences up to now show that we need to be able to bring all the necessary physical and infrastructural elements of an operating school and its surroundings to where the children are in a timely, cost efficient and functionally optimized way.

WRS is in the process of contacting additional partners with appropriate, scalable and affordable solutions for making robust technology available under even the most difficult circumstances, and making sure that all components and elements are optimized both in terms of cost and in terms of systemic compatibility.

These solutions include power, connectivity, operating systems (OS) and computer hardware (HW), as well as readily deployable building facilities and mobile classrooms.  The effort will eventually be extended to include facilities and programs for school feeding and early job-creation around the school.

The ecosystem of companies to be contacted include solar and wind producers, batteries, connectivity, OS and HW, building solutions and school feeding . Ideally, the key partners will form an eco-system that on an on-going basis will optimize the solution, which will then be offered to education implementers across our field.