World Refugees School, CK-12 Collaborate to Enrich WRS Content Repository

WRS announces its partnership with the CK-12 Foundation to expand its content repository with CK-12’s content and online learning resources.

SAN JOSE, California — The World Refugees School (WRS) and the CK-12 Foundation signed a cooperation agreement. Both the WRS and the CK-12 Foundation are California-based non-profit organizations. The former specializes in leveraging technology to provide high-quality formal education to children in need worldwide, while the latter strives to increase access to low-cost K-12 education. With this agreement, CK-12’s content and learning resources will expand the content the WRS is able to offer vulnerable children worldwide.

On behalf of the WRS, Director of Partnership Development Zaid Tahabsem expressed his eagerness to work with CK-12. He added that this agreement marks a qualitative leap in the WRS’ capacity to offer certified, formal education to forcibly displaced and refugee students and those living in fragile communities. The WRS’ content repository is a collection of e-books, digital texts, videos, computerized learning, tests, games, and simulations, as well as the online management of material learning objects. This repository is then made available to students and teachers.

Tahabsem concluded by saying that life-changing agreements, such as the one between CK-12 and the WRS, give vulnerable children and youths a better chance at life.

For their part, the CK-12 Foundation said they were “proud to partner with the WRS and support the education of refugees worldwide”. They went on to add: “Being displaced should not deprive anyone of a modern education.”

The WRS is a non-profit founded in 2017 by a number of private-sector organizations devoted to global refugee education. Its core mission is to solve the education problem for the world’s refugee children, displaced children, and children in fragile communities.

The CK-12 Foundation is a California-based non-profit organization that runs CK-12, an interactive and intelligent K-12 learning platform that’s free for everyone. CK-12 lets students learn in their own way, whether by reading, watching videos, exploring interactive simulations, or answering personalized practice questions. It empowers educators with fully customizable digital textbooks and smart insights about their students. It gives parents peace of mind through lessons that are well-organized, standards-aligned, and easy to monitor. CK-12 has helped more than 137 million students and teachers since 2012, both in-school and homeschool.