Special content packages:

WRS is already committed to addressing the general issues of fragmented markets and access to good digital content through the work on the Global Digital Content Repository (GDCR).

There are a number of more specialized content and methodology needs that arise because of the special demographics, psycho-social situations, locations, and environments of refugee and displaced children. We would be remiss if we do not also address these additional needs.

  • Specific programs to support the needs of traumatized children who often have reduced learning abilities due to their experiences.
  • A simple example would be to concentrate additional efforts around the GPCR, for example to develop language verticals of content (i.e. content language verticals in Arabic; Nepalese or any other relevant language); to identify and make available content aimed at groups with special learnings needs, learning needs of girls; vocational and immediate job-qualifying components; content and other solutions that can be used for vocational training of parents, leadership training etc.
  • WRS will identify companies that over time might form an ecosystem focused on covering these special needs, just as we intend to include universities with research that will help us improve the solutions.