The First NGO Worldwide to Offer an Internationally Recognized Formal Educational Program

Offering formal education within volatile regions globally, WRS proudly announces the successful delivery of its first wave of internationally accredited certificates to thousands of students within 6 different locations in North Syria.
WRS, a nonprofit organization providing formal education for refugee and displaced children worldwide, officially received global accreditation for its K-12 program by City &
Guilds of UK who has recently issued its Assured Approval for World Refugees School program, making it the first and only formally accredited refugee education program in the world.

“We aim to penetrate the greatest number of regions and deliver quality education to refugee and displaced children worldwide. We believe that each child on this planet deserves access to high quality formal education no matter what the circumstances are.
We, at WRS, will not compromise on the quality of education offered to those who need it most.” – Mr. Jehad Ibrahim, Chief Strategy Officer of WRS stated.
Jeremy Dahdi, Executive Director International and Digital Credentials at City &
Guilds said: “At City & Guilds, we focus on identifying the most in-demand skills and develop dynamic learning programmes that have a measurable impact on people, organisations and economies. We believe in a world where everyone has the skills and opportunities to succeed and where no one is denied access to education. We are delighted to support World Refugees School for refugee and displaced children worldwide and provide young people with the means to showcase their skills through digital credentials, connecting them to opportunities in the wider world.”

About WRS:
WRS was founded in 2017 by a number of private sector organizations devoted to global refugee educational needs. Its main mission is to solve the education problem for the worlds refugee children, displaced children and children in fragile communities.

About the City & Guilds Group:
The City & Guilds Group is a world leader in skills development with 140 years of unrivalled experience. Working in over 100 countries around the world, our purpose is to enable people, organizations and economies to develop their skills for growth. The Group supports people into a job, on the job and into the next job by helping individuals, businesses and economies to thrive.
City & Guilds, which is part of the Group, develops qualifications, apprenticeships and assessments from entry level through to management. We also accredit skills training and help individuals to showcase their skills through digital credentialing using open badges.