Eng. Reda Islam
Board Member

Reda Islam’s successful 30-year career is based on his passion for growing organizations. In diverse roles as a consultant, technology executive and small business coach, he leverages strong leadership skills in strategic planning, technology optimization and people management to deliver business process improvements through technology, driving growth and business expansion across a broad range of industries and professional associations.


Since 2011, Eng. Islam has assumed an executive board member role in several companies working with his colleagues to steer those companies through diverse markets and challenges:

  • Executive Board Member of Ruwat Al Tareekh [2018 – Present], a pioneer in heritage management and works with corporations and brands to show their heritage isn’t just about the past.
  • Member of Board and President of Nour Nouf for Knowledge [2016 – Present], An Angel investor for entrepreneurs helping them launch and accelerate their businesses.
  • Member of the Endowment executive committee of Taiba Waqaf [2016 – Present], an endowment Developing Madinah region into a leading international model for transitioning into a knowledge society.
  • Executive Partner at the Al Aghar Group [2015 – Present], a non-profit Independent Saudi think tank that strives to help transfer the Kingdome into a Knowledge-based economy.
  • Chairman of the Board of Masader [2011 – Present], A leading company in the field of renewable energy, water and environmental security using natural science and local materials to provide creative, innovative, sustainable, green solutions.


Dedicated to the economic development of his community and nation at the grass roots level, Eng. Islam has been actively involved in supporting the International Entrepreneurs Organization (EO) and numerous municipal and government agencies, including the Saudi Ministry of Higher Education, the National Center for Innovation and the local Chamber of Commerce. Throughout his appointment as President of the Saudi Chapter of the EO, he served as a mentor and strategic planning facilitator, assisting entrepreneurs to achieve success in realizing their business goals.