One of the reasons refugee children give up on education is that their circumstances and the schooling offered will not lead to an internationally recognized and accredited certificate. WRS is committed to a promise that every deserving child will receive a certificate, and that WRS will provide the data, the documentation, the certified teachers, and the oversight that will lead to international recognition of the certificate.

Several different efforts are undertaken to achieve this:

  • Meta-curriculum:
    For children on the move, the Babel’s Tower of different education curricula represents a real obstacle: At least one per nation; in some cases, several (there are now 5 or more for Syria), and on top of those international standards (International Baccalaureate; Common Core etc.). For children in transition this means that even when they do receive education they still will not qualify for a recognized education certificate. WRS is in the process of mapping the different curricula against each other and thereby developing a global meta-curriculum, within which the sum total of learning standards and outcomes can be defined. This is a core service by WRS and will allow the education of every child to build towards certification.
  • Certified Teachers:
    WRS is partnering with globally recognized teacher training institutions for its teacher training programs, and we will be partnering with world class universities and with Ministries of Education for recognition of our certificates as well
  • Data and documentation:
    The use of Eduwave ensures data and documentation of the educational achievement of each child
  • Oversight:
    WRS has entered a partnership with City and Guild’s to undertake a rigorous and internationally recognized oversight of our curricula, teachers, schools and programs to enable accredited certificates.