Global Digital Content Repository:

Globally, there is a wealth of digital educational content, and more is being produced every day: Enhanced books and digital texts; videos; computerized learning, tests and drills; games and simulations, as well as online management of material learning objects.

This apparent cornucopia of content unfortunately does not translate into the experience of a teacher or a program manager of an education program in a refugee camp, where finding and getting access to even a few relevant programs often represent a real obstacle.

There exists no easy overview of existing content; it is even harder to find content that is appropriate for the particular students, translated and adapted in terms of language and culture, reviewed in terms of quality, learning style and effectiveness, not to mention correspondence with learning outcomes and standards of any given curriculum.

This situation is in part a consequence of the fragmented market for digital educational content even in the developed countries, and it is in itself a major obstacle for the development of the global content industry, because it means a de facto absence of a global market.

In fragile countries and for refugee and displaced children it means that even where hardware and connectivity are provided, technology does not do much to enable education.

WRS and its partners will provide a Global Digital Content Repository (GDCR), organized as an independent trust, where all digital educational content can be made available; where the content and its links to learning outcomes (and thereby Curricula) will be curated; where it will be reviewed by its users, and where eventually data on its use with students will inform AI systems to augment the on-going improvement process.

The GDCR will in a major way help make technology an enabler of scale and quality of education even for the most exposed children.

In the development of the repository, its curation function and its AI Engine, WRS is working with an ecosystem of world class partners. By creating language/culture verticals within the GDCR there is the possibility of catalyzing clusters of content producers as well as communities of translators and adapters and sponsors for their activities.