The Platform (Education and Learning Management System ELMS):

One of the key obstacles to better funding and better implementation and improvement of large scale education efforts related to refugees and in fragile countries is the lack of data, transparency and accountability.


To deliver that requires a comprehensive Education Management System that functions at system level, school level, classroom level and individual student level; and provides tools for administrators, teachers, students and parents.

This baseline is delivered by the Eduwave Education Management Information System (EMIS). Additionally, Eduwave provides a full Education and Learning Management System (ELMS), which manages resources as well as educational processes and content. With that extension the system enables and strengthens not only overall system management, but also empowers teachers and students. It allows for more universal certification; better teacher, parent and student communities; systematic continuous improvement of education and of educational content, and much stronger teacher training and support. In that sense Eduwave is a core contribution by WRS and its founding member ITG that makes all the other contribution components possible.