Good education is a social process where other students, parents and of course teachers are indispensable learning resources for the child. Technology can be an additional and empowering tool for the learning process of the child and for groups of children. To unleash this potential a well-trained teacher and a teacher whose work is supported and enhanced by use of technology is necessary.

In too many education programs the qualifications of teachers are assumed, and teacher training becomes an afterthought provided too late, insufficiently and for too few.

WRS is committed with its partners to enhance teacher training.

As part of GPE’s Knowledge and Innovation Exchange, best programs, practices and tools for teacher training and support are being consolidated, researched, improved and deployed in scale. WRS and its partners are adding to this base by adapting new scaling methods and a stronger leverage of technology. Components in our model are:

  • Intense boot camp:
    Selected teachers for WRS programs will start their training in an intense boot-camp where they will be trained for a different teaching role (considering the widespread use of digital content) and brought up to a sufficient level of computer fluency
  • Schools as communities of practice:
    The rest of their training will be in-service where they will start as a teaching apprentice with an over-seeing teacher, with online and digital support, and where the school will be developed as an active community of practice with senior teachers serving as masters and as subject leads
  • Training modules:
    While much learning for teachers will result from their participation in the schools as communities of practice, this will be complimented by the provision of training modules, some in digital form, others as distance learning and some as travelling learning programs from school to school.